At its core liberty is what grants to each of us the possibility of being able to act in a way that enables us to take control of our own life and realize, to the best of our ability, our potential.

Liberty, though it can come in many forms, is absolutely vital to the health of a society. Without liberty people are stifled, life is oppressive, industry stagnates, nations collapse and cultures are stunted.

Liberty is not something to be granted by any Government, potentate or religious leader. Liberty can be curtailed for one, for a few or for all for a number of reasons. But your intrinsic right to liberty can only be taken by he who gives it. Our right to liberty is granted to us solely by our creator.

It’s because the liberty of a nation can be curtailed by a Government, a potentate or a religious leader and the effect such curtailment has on that nation that liberty must be resolutely defended and never willingly surrendered or blithely cast aside.